Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick X_X

The weather this week has been unusually warm.  And in response, my allergies have kicked in >.<  For the past half week I've been sneezing, hacking, and feeling horrible.  The upcoming week is about to get really hectic too because not only do I have work to look forward to, but I have to study up for the last test of my A+ Certification test coming up next Monday.  Just hope I start feeling better soon.


  1. Yeah, the weather here's been oddly warm as well. luckily my allergies haven't kicked in yet. Good luck with your test and get well soon bro.

  2. It's awful having to take a test when you're sick. I had to take a physics final when I had Mononucleosis in college. It was dreadful - I was nearly asleep by the time I finished filling it out.

  3. Sorry to read that :/
    Try and eat a soup and some medicine, and get well quick... I know how hard it is to study when your sick. Believe me...

    Get well soon dude!

  4. been raining here in la a few days